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CAR1803. Textured Home Decor Fabric. Ivory.


Carnival Fun Retro Circus Print Toile Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric Drapery Fabric LDSO513


Cartography Old World Map Navigation Travel Royal Gold Panel HD904


CD02 ORGANIC Contemporary Mod Geometric Organic Barkcloth Home Decor Fabric

$9.99 $19.99

Celerie Design Bleeker Street Modern Geometric Square Print Taupe and Ivory Cotton Linen Fabric Drapery Fabric HDA025


CH07 Clarence House Coxcomb By the Yard Linen Fabric


CH221 Clarence House Palais de Chaillot Framboise Rose Pink HEAVY WEIGHT Tapestry Fabric Upholstery Fabric Home Dec Fabric Cotton Linen


CH237 Clarence House Ottoman Silk Alabaster Heavy Weight Ribbed Silk Fabric Upholstery Drapery Fabric


CH243 Clarence House Artois Gold Silk Fabric Heavy Weight Damask Modern Style Reversible Drapery Upholstery Fabric


CH244 Clarence House Les Indes Kazumi Yoshida Ratti Italy Hand Printed Cotton Fabric Heavy Weight Lion Turtle Giraffe Jungle Sky Blue-green Background


CH26 Clarence House Cavalieri Heavy Tapestry Fabric


CH265 Clarence House Cozumel Tapestry By Yrd UPH Fabric


CH266 Clarence House Calvados Jacquard ByThe YD Fabric OUT OF STOCK


CH27 Clarence House Classic Ticking Stripe Grey and White Stripes Heavy Weight High Thread Count Cotton Fabric


CH281 Clarence House Jura Plaid Cotton Fabric Heavy Weight Drapery Upholstery Fabric


CH289 Clarence House Beauvoir Cotton Linen Print Fabric England Classic Floral Print Blue Heavy Weight Drapery Upholstery Fabric


CH290 Clarence House Alessandra Natural Heavy Weight Italy Upholstery Fabric Home Dec Fabric


CH308 Clarence House Lesage Blue VERY Heavy Weight Silk Fabric Sky Blue Drapery Fabric Upholstery Fabric


CH310 Clarence House Linen Velvet Capucine Italy Fabulous Upholstery Fabric Drapery Fabric Home Dec Fabric


CH311 Clarence House Linen Velvet Mustard Yellow Italy Fabulous Upholstery Fabric Drapery Fabric Home Dec Fabric


CH314 Clarence House Numba Wheat Python Snake Animal Texture Heavy Weight Upholstery Fabric


CH321 Clarence House Shai Taupe Italy Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric Upholstery Fabric


CH325 Clarence House SILK Heavy Jacquard Saint Laurent Taupe Reversible Italy Woven Silk Fabric Drapery Fabric Upholstery Fabric


CH330 Clarence House Yazza Nougat Tan and Brown Fabric Heavy Weight Chenille Upholstery fabric Cotton Fabric


CH423 Clarence House Cote D'Azur Multi Kazumi Design Ratti 26 color Hand Print Italy Animal Jungle Toile Incredible Cotton Fabric Drapery Fabric


CH424 Clarence House La Marchand D'Amour Red Duck Egg England Print Toile Cotton Fabric Drapery Fabric


CH440 Clarence House Titley and Marr Hand Print Harvest Toile Red England Cotton Fabric Drapery Fabric


CH567 Clarence House Tapestry Chenille Coffee Upholstery Cotton Fabric


CH571 Clarence House Rimpa Gin Asian Garden Symbols Flowers Leaves Kazumi Ratti Asia Caligraphy Silver Metallic Accent Cotton Fabric Drapery Fabric

$39.99 $398.00

Champagne Italy 152 FG Tropical Leaves Damask Nature Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


Charcoal Black Solid Textured Weave Cotton Home Dec Fabric LHD124-F


Charley Harper Canvas Family Owlburn Owls Dots Organic Canvas Cotton Fabric CHB22


Charley Harper CANVAS Fox Similies Foxes Nature Organic Canvas Cotton Fabric CHB23


Charley Harper Canvas Love From Above Giraffe Zoo MCM Mid Century Abstract Modernism Organic CANVAS Cotton Fabric CHB100


Charley Harper Canvas Octoberama Leaves Trees Mid Century Modern Charles Harper Certified Organic Cotton Fabric Heavy CANVAS Fabric CHB21

$18.99 $19.99

Charley Harper CANVAS Red Eye Vireo Bird Mid Century Modern Charles Harper Certified Organic Cotton Fabric CHB102


Charley Harper Large Scale Western Birds Organic Cotton CANVAS Fabric CHB65


Cheetah Leopard Animal Woven Chenille Heavy Upholstery Home Decor Fabric OSRG115


Cheetah Wild Thing Aqua Blue Gold Platinum Heavy Weight Jungle Tapestry Upholstery Fabric LDSO526

$34.00 $129.00

Chenille Famous Designer Aqua and Tan Woven Backed Heavy Durable Contemporary Upholstery Fabric LAT005


Chenille Famous Designer Cream Woven Textural Contemporary Neutral Heavy Upholstery LAT003


Chenille Famous Designer Light Khaki Contemporary Heavy Upholstery Fabric LAT004


Chevron Modern Zig Zag Heavy Tapestry Upholstery Fabric Super Groovy Fabric LHD315


Chintz English Country Garden Floral Tulip Rose Peony Bouquet Polished Shabby Chic Style Vintage Mario Buatta Fabriyaz Heavy Cotton Fabric Home Dec HD913


Chintz Vintage 3 YARD PIECE Asian Floral Water Lilly Chintz Zen Cotton Fabric REM-Z134 Orig Price $117 SALE $19.99 WHOLE Piece


Chintz Vintage French Provincial Country Garden Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric Home Dec HD917


CL Clarence House Gold and Burgundy EXTRAORDINARY CUT VELVET

$399.00 $990.00

CLA101 Clarence House Moderne Velvet Heavy Weight Linen Cotton Upholstery Fabric

$19.99 $599.00

CLA102 CH207 pix specs ok Clarence House Gaudin Beige Heavy Tapestry Upholstery Fabric

$69.99 $549.00

CLA114 ch404 specs ok Clarence House Trianon Silk Cotton Beige and Gold Stripe- CLA114

$29.00 $349.00

cla121 ch10 Clarence House Echiquier Chenille Green Heavy Weight Upholstery- CLA121


cla124 ch269 Clarence House Rayures Satin Brown/Yellow- CLA124


CLA131 Clarence House Salvador Brown Plaid Silk Geo Designer Fabric Home Decor


cla145 ch14 pix Clarence House Damasco Mariano Beige Cotton Heavy Weight Upholstery- CLA145


cla148 ch568 405 PIX! Clarence House Silk Greek Key Italy Jacquard Bauhaus Celadon Green Drapery Fabric Upholstery Fabric CLA148


cla149 pix Clarence House Gold Tile Upholstery Fabric CLA149


cla151 pix Clarence House Tapestry Italy Heavy Silk Fabric Basket Weave Celadon Green Upholstery Fabric CLA151


cla153 ch307 Clarence House Kilifi Taupe Chenille- CLA153


cla166 ch213 pix Clarence House Normandie Velvet Sand- CLA166


CLA168 ch322 pix specs ok Clarence House Silk Chenille Taupe Textured- CLA168


cla170 ch306 Clarence House Izmir Ivory Silk- CLA170


cla181 Clarence House Textured Red Silk CLA181


cla182 ch303 Clarence House Gustav Pearl- CLA182


CLA186 NEED SPECS Clarence House Patterned Brown CLA186


CLA188 Clarence House Palais de Chaillot Tabac Light Brown HEAVY WEIGHT Tapestry Fabric Upholstery Fabric Home Dec Fabric Cotton Linen CH315


cla189 ch297 Clarence House Upholstery Damask Fabric Charlotte Sage- CLA189

$19.99 $214.00

CLA197 Clarence House Sabrina Floral Kazumi Cotton Italy Home Decor Fabric

$14.99 $329.00

cla201 Clarence House Asian Toile Silk CLA201


CLA207 Clarence House Kazumi Asia Toile Ratti Italy cotton Fabric Upholstery Fabric Drapery Fabric SALE! $49/yard

$14.99 $349.00

CLA209 CH320 Clarence House Scottish Linen 100% Linen Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


cla501 Clarence House Black Floral CLA501


CLA502 Clarence House LaSalle Italian High End Mosaic Tapestry Home Decor Fabric


cla504 ch209 ch562 pix Clarence House Heavy Weight Floral Tapestry France Cotton Fabric Upholstery Fabric CLA504


cla606 ch220 pix needed Clarence House Satin Grigne Framboise Silk- CLA606


cla900 Clarence House Eggplant Royal Damask CLA900


Clarence House Herringbone Heavy Weight Olive Textured Upholstery Fabric CLA183

$29.99 $199.00

Clarence House Ami Matte Gold Fabulous Semi Sheer Net Fabric CH201

$19.99 $162.00

Clarence House Ami Off White Fabulous Semi Sheer Net Fabric CH247

$19.99 $199.00

Clarence House Angora Mohair Chestnut Made in Holland Heavy Upholstery Fabric CLA1009


Clarence House Antique Paisley Terra Cotta Wool Blend Made in Italy Upholstery Home Decor Fabric CLA1012

$29.00 $372.00

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