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NL056 Graffiti Urban Vogue Heavy Weight Home Dec Upholstery Fabric NL056


NL060 Tapestry Retro Modern MCM Style Circle Spheres Upholstery Home Dec Fabric


NL062 Fleur de Lis French Paris Royal Purple Cotton Embroidered Home Dec Fabric


NL067 NS Winter Leopard Chenille Upholstery Fabric NL067


nl069 Honeycomb Weave


NL075 Yellow Lattice Geo Geometric Upholstery Drapery Cotton Home Dec Fabric

$9.99 $59.00

NL077 Beacon Hill Cut Velvet Metallic Green Striped Geometric Geo Velvet & Faux Silk Home Decor Fabric

$9.99 $89.00

NL081 Red Palm Grey Tropical Modern Floral Heavy Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


NL092 Tropical Palm Island Classic Bahama Cotton Drapery Home Decor Fabric

$5.99 $39.00

NL096 Diamond & Baratta Argyle Geo Geometric Classic Designer Home Decor Fabric

$34.00 $99.00

NL100 STUNNING Metallic Leaves Bronze Gold Silver Drapery Fabric


NL112 Red Solid Cotton Poly Blend Sewing Home Dec Home Decor Fabric

$17.99 $49.00

NL209 Lee Joffa Cut Velvet Plaid Geo Heavy Weight Upholstery Home Decor Fabric

$39.99 $149.00

NL210 Jay Yang Prague Fringe Gold Heavy Weight Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


NL212 Floral Geometric Tapestry Flower Suzani Heavy Upholstery Home Dec Fabric


NL213 AWESOME Art Nouveau Painted Leatherized Velvet Rich Home Dec Fabric


NL215 Butter Yellow Matelasse Country French Classic Cotton Home Decor Fabric


NL216 Thom Felicia Kravet Tribal Ikat Drapery Linen Upholstery Home Decor Fabric

$14.99 $59.99

NL218 Thomas Paul Stockholm Ottoman Rib Red Floral Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


NL219 Striped Ottoman Rib Silk Look White Metallic Gold Stripe Upholstery Home Dec Fabric NL219

$23.99 $49.00

NL221 Floral Embroidered Semi Sheer Light Weight Drapery Home Decor Fabric


NL222 Brown & Red Medallion Ikat Geo Drapery Cotton Linen Home Decor Fabric


NL227 Brown & Blue Woven Ikat Geometric Geo Heavy Upholstery Home Decor Fabric

$7.99 $59.00

NL229 Graffiti City Urban Chic Modern Loft New York Upholstery Home Dec Fabric


NL231 Earth Tone Ikat Suzani Medallion Southwest Geometric Geo Drapery Home Dec Fabric

$7.99 $59.00

NL237 Red Tropical Jungle Monkey Parrot Flower Fruit Drapery Home Decor Fabric

$12.99 $49.00

NL239 Tasseled Stripe Weave Tassel Striped Geo Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


NL243 Adler Style Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Contemporary Block Link Print Heavy Weight Slubby Texture Cotton Fabric Upholstery Fabric HD738

$14.99 $34.95

NL248 Eden Roc Retro Modern Geometric Arches Heavy Weight Cotton Drapery Fabric

$9.99 $23.99

NL258 Alice Kennedy Protobello Quilted Floral Damask Reversible Home Dec Fabric


NL84 Exotic Orchids


NL90 NS Pothos Brunschwig & Fils Cotton Taffeta Chintz NL90


NM08. Light Pink and Cream Distressed Stripe Cotton Quilting Fabric


NM10. Gentlemens Taupe Vest Menswear Cotton Quilting Fabric

$4.99 $11.99

NM11. Light Taupe Script


NM12. Gentlemens Menswear Distressed Brown and Burgundy Stripe Cotton Quilting Fabric


NM13. Gentlemens Menswear Collection Distressed Blue Stripe Cotton Quilting Fabric


Noisette Autumn Floral Large Scale Fabulous Cotton Fabric Heavy Drapery Fabric LHD221 CLOSEOUT


NOR01 Williamsburg Vase Peacock Floral Urn Classic 100% Linen Home Decor Fabric


Norman Rockwell Collector Plates Illustration Cotton Quilt Fabric TT07

$5.99 $10.99

Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Mailboxes Quill Books and Notes on a Red Background Cotton Quilting Fabric FF49 N54

$4.99 $10.99

Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Sexy Lady Flirty Fifties Panel Retro Women Gloves Jewelry Cotton Quilt Fabric R385


Norman Rockwell Sexy Lady Retro Jewelry Gloves Pens Norman Rockwell Vintage Cotton Quilt Fabric R386 FF85A

$7.99 $10.99

Norman Rockwell Sexy Lady Retro Women 1950's Style Cotton Quilt Fabric R384


Nouveau Bouquet Anna Maria Horner Bright Graphic Art Nouveau Print Cotton Fabric Heavy Weight WG13

$6.99 $18.99

NT01 PNL82 Cute Animals Playing Games Children Kids Canvas Weight Cotton Fabric Panel


NT02 Brass Instruments Copper Metallic French Horn Quilt Cotton Quilting Fabric


NT09 Library Kitty Cat Books Literature Kitten Cotton Quilt Fabric


NT10 Library Books Knowledge Read School University Quilting Cotton Fabric


Nurse Caps Hospital RN Medical Healthcare Emergency Nursing Cotton Quilt Fabric FT124

$10.99 $12.99

Nutcracker Christmas Retro Russian German Faces Cotton Quilt Fabric MD329

$4.99 $10.99

Observer April Rhodes Retro Ink Blot Indigo Tie Dye Cotton Quilt Fabric AR47


Observer April Rhodes Retro Paint Spatter Metallic Cotton Quilt Fabric AR46

$9.99 $11.99

Ocean Waves Whale Retro Fish Cotton Quilt Fabric MM105


Oceanica Julie Paschkis Folk Art Sea Life Under The Sea Mermaids playing Guitars Fish Octopus Starfish Seahorses Plants Cotton fabric Quilt fabric R238


Odds and Ends Lettering Type Writer Scrap Book Antique style Cotton Quilting Fabric CR171


Ogee Exotic Contemporary Ikat Print West Elm Grey Ovals and Static Silver Cream background heavy weight Cotton Fabric Drapery Fabric Upholstery Fabric DSO311


Olive Brown Heavy Upholstery Chenille Fabric LAT007

$6.99 $9.99

Onion Dreaming Australian Art Aborigine Cotton Fabric Quilt Fabric AU10


Onion Dreaming Neutral Australian Art Aborigine Cotton Fabric Quilt Fabric AU12


Operation! Classic Retro Board Game Panel Hasbro Cotton Quilt Fabric FT176


OR107 Asian Fish Pisces Navy Bright Blue White Home Dec Fabric


OR115 Ikat Bombay Pink Printed By the Yard Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


OR123 Geometric Stripe Yellow and Gray By the Yard Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


OR126 IKAT Print Neutral Gray Taupe White Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


OR128 Black and White Nautical Stripe By the Yard Drapery Home Decor Fabric


OSHM106 NS Lush Damask


OSRG01 Modern Tangerine Chocolate Circle Contemporary Reversible Jacquard Drapery Fabric


OSRG02 Copper Medallion Reversible Drapery Fabric OSRG02


OSWB34 Modern Robin Egg Blue Embroidered Lattice Fretwork Pattern on Ivory Background of Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric


Our Lady of Guadalupe Fabric Panel Eight Images Galaxy Starry Night Sky Blue Heaven Clouds RK181


Our Lady of Guadalupe Fabric Panel four Images 863r12 PNL19


Our Lady of Guadalupe RARE Virgin Mary Clouds Mexico Latin Catholic Religious Cotton Quilt Fabric TT11


Our Lady of Guadalupe Rubin Sew Quilt Cotton Fabric RK71


Our Lady of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Cotton Quilt Fabric FF78


Our Lady of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Large Scale Black Background Cotton Quilt Fabric AH227

$10.99 $12.99

Our Lady of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Mexico Latin Saint 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric AH251


Our Lady Of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Religious Catholic Cotton Quilt Fabric BE12


Our Lady Of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Religious Catholic Cotton Quilt Fabric RK120


Our Lady Of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Religious Catholic Galaxy Starry Night Sky Blue Heaven Clouds Cotton Quilt Fabric RK182


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