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African Mudcloth Genuine Hand Loomed 67


African Mudcloth Genuine Hand Loomed Hand Painted Indigo Blue Mud Cloth 73


African Mudcloth Genuine Hand Loomed Hand Painted Mud Cloth 64


African Mudcloth Genuine Hand Loomed Hand Painted Mud Cloth 65" by 43" BLK4


African Mudcloth Genuine Hand Loomed Hand Painted Mud Cloth 69" by 46" BLK6


African Mudcloth Genuine Hand Loomed Mud Cloth Hand Painted 41" by 67" BLK1


CLA114 ch404 specs ok Clarence House Trianon Silk Cotton Beige and Gold Stripe- CLA114


cla121 ch10 Clarence House Echiquier Chenille Green Heavy Weight Upholstery- CLA121


cla148 ch568 405 PIX! Clarence House Silk Greek Key Italy Jacquard Bauhaus Celadon Green Drapery Fabric Upholstery Fabric CLA148


cla900 Clarence House Eggplant Royal Damask CLA900


Clarence House Herringbone Heavy Weight Olive Textured Upholstery Fabric CLA183

$29.99 $199.00

Clarence House Antoinette Semi Sheer Silk Designer Fabric Home D├ęcor CLA109

$14.99 $162.00

Clarence House Oak Leaf Tapestry Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric Upholstery Fabric CLA199 LCH015


CV106 IKAT Print Psychedelic Wave 100% Cotton Upholstery Home Decor Fabric


NEW! Clarence House Bessieres Damask Chartreuse Silk Fabric CLA193 CH03


NEW! Clarence House Himba Brown Tapestry Fabric CLA140 CH304


AH199 Ghastlies Alexander Henry Cotton Quilt Fabric


AH23 Posada Dia de los Muertos Slexander Henry Skeleton Toile Day of the Dead Skele-Toile


Birds in Branches AR16 Cotton Quilt Fabric


cla135 Clarence House Coral Check Plaid Taffeta Silk Fabric CLA135


cla149 pix Clarence House Gold Tile Upholstery Fabric CLA149


cla181 Clarence House Textured Red Silk CLA181


cla201 Clarence House Asian Toile Silk CLA201


cla501 Clarence House Black Floral CLA501


Clarence House Chamois Kazumi Les Orchides CLA203


Clarence House Roses & Urn Tapestry CLA503


Clarence House Sultan Tapestry Fabric CLA195 CLA195


Clarence House Tonal Brown Leaf CLA188


Clarence House Tonal Leaf CLA204


Clarence House White Netting Sheer Fabric CLA152


Clarence House Woven Grey Fabric CLA185


CR525 Country Cows Cotton Quilt Fabric CR525


CS455 Star Trek Cotton Quilt Fabric CS455


CTN49 Cotton + Steel Zombie Skeleton Cats Dogs CTN49


Deer Silhouette Charcoal Cotton Quilt Fabric AR17


Dia de los Muertos Spooky Saloon Skeleton Toile Day of the Dead Skele-Toile Cotton Quilt Fabric AH182


Echino Kokka Asian Japanese Green Tea Saki Food Cotton Quilt Fabric 172


Etro cla176 Clarence House Etro Paisley Red CLA176


Etro cla607 Clarence House Etro Paisley Gold CLA607


NEW! Clarence House Kazumi Birds Fabric CLA507 CLA507